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Moscow, Alexander
Solzhenitsyn Street, 2А

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Gusyatnikoff has the honor of holding the most luxe banquets in Moscow, and for many Muscovites it's well known as the best restaurant for celebrations and parties done at a high level, which can hardly be compared with other restaurants in Moscow. Banquets inside the historic estate have a special festive atmosphere and homey coziness. A variety of halls and rooms, unique designer furniture and lighting, additional features and entertainment show the estate converted into a bright theatrical performance with a unique history.

Every banquet in a Moscow restaurant should be a special event, and banquets at Gusyatnikoff are carried out from start to finish, till all the guest's wishes and expectations are fulfilled. Our highly skilled professionals create the necessary atmosphere and carefully maintain it throughout the event, keeping all the guest's interests in mind.

You can’t go wrong in choosing a banquet hall at Gusyatnikoff, because we proved long ago that we couldn’t disappoint! Well-known people and companies have held banquets at our restaurant, and our walls show the pictures of the show business stars who have held important events here.

If you want to hold a banquet at the VIP level, with Russian pomp and inherent splendor, it surely must be done at Gusyatnikoff!

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