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Banquet menu: traditional Russian cuisine

The Russian holiday table has always been famous for the variety and abundance of food. At the feasts of our ancestors there were dozens of dishes: swan in tripe, roasted geese, grouse, partridge, grouse, roast suckling pig, jellied lamb, baked lamb, jellied pork, pig giblets in chicken broth, salt beef with garlic and spices, and venison, as well as chicken skewers, giblets, beef jerky, pork, ham, and sausage. They were nothing less than the feasts as described in the Russian home manual the Domostroi.

Gusyatnikoff’s banquet restaurant menu was developed in the spirit of folk traditions: whole ducks and geese, quails and guinea fowl with various fillings, roast suckling pig and lamb, artistically decorated sturgeon and pike on trays—they are not only delicious traditional Russian cuisine, but also decadent holiday decorations. There is nourishing jelly, homemade pickles, sweet herring on toast (a great appetizer, which cannot be done without at a traditional Russian party). The estate has its own smokehouse, and fish and meat specialities are prepared right in front of guests. Our bakery makes fresh pies, traditional kulebyakas, fish pies and bread. One of the advantages of Russian cuisine is the ability to choose and create, improving upon the best dishes of all nations, which communicate to our people the long path of history. That is what has made Russian cuisine one of the richest in the world.

The cocktail party and banquet restaurant menu also offer European cuisine: a variety of canapés, sliced and julienned, beef flambé, rack of lamb with Provencal herbs, leafy salads with shrimp, tomato caprese and, of course, plates of fine cheeses. At the request of our guests, chef Nicholas Kondrashkin can prepare any dish to order. A homemade cake from the chef stands in a place of prominence on the banquet table. 

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