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Banquet organization

The secret to a great banquet is in the high-quality and harmonious synthesis of a few details: a delicious and elegant menu, beautiful place settings, and appropriate, tasteful interior decoration, not to mention an experienced master of ceremonies, happy guests, and a good feeling all around. To have a great banquet at Gusyatnikoff we work with only the best, tried-and-true specialists in the field, for whom organizing a banquet is like second nature. The estate’s banquet managers will recommend several party organizers and with them will pull off an excellent banquet.

According to the program you decide, our florists and designers will suggest ways of arranging the room to get just the atmosphere you desire. The decorator here acts as a conductor, creating a single integrated ensemble of taste and visual sensations. It is this mesh of different ideas that creates an indescribable, unique atmosphere for the banquet.

One thing that creates atmosphere and design for a banquet is the right floral arrangement. In addition to floral arrangement, we offer artistic carving of fruits and vegetables, as well as Russian-style carved swan decorations, funny bears on for children’s parties, field daisies or antique vases at human height.

To organize the show program we recommend the following services: creating a script for the event, having experienced masters of ceremonies, musical and dance groups, an original theme, children’s entertainers, creative and culinary master classes, creating scenic designers, professional lighting, sound and musical equipment. And only a creative and professional photographer is capable of permanently making permanent the best moments of the celebration. Instead of conservatism and templates, we offer fresh and close look at one of the most important moments of your life. For our photo services, we would like to offer you the help of some of the best photographers in Moscow, who can provide some of the following services:

  • Photography in the form of reportage
  • Costume footage, styling, the services of a designer-retoucher
  • Videography, subsequent film editing and postproduction.
  • Creating albums of a creative slideshow
  • Slideshow: options with music and animation
  • Creating a video of the event in the style of TV broadcast

Creating a video of the event in the style of soap opera

Each of our banquets is done according to a personalized plan that takes into account all the details, from food to music. In conjunction with the courteous and helpful staff is the guarantee that the event will be done well, and will be unforgettable. Gusyatnikoff is located in historic 18th-19th century mansion, and holding a banquet in such a place touches on real Moscow traditions and an atmosphere of refined luxury.

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