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Moscow, Alexander
Solzhenitsyn Street, 2А

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Halls of Russian restaurant Gusyatnikoff

Elite Russian restaurants in Moscow have always been famous for their cordiality and hospitality. Gusyatnikoff is no exception: it has not only delicious Russian national dishes, but also a interior done in a historic manor.

The three-story manor house is completely occupied by the restaurant. In the tradition of city manor houses, there is a large great hall as well as smaller dining halls. Distressed mirrors, restored interiors, designer light fixtures and furniture all combine to give one the feeling of being inside a Chekhov or Gilyarovsky fable. The great hall stairs have a portrait gallery of famous merchants to showcase Russia’s glory, each step moving through different eras in time. The atmosphere of old Moscow is recreated so precisely that, looking at the glittering reflections in the mirrors, it is impossible to differentiate that from the feeling given now by the same owner, merchant Gusyatnikoff, and the sound of laughter from Savva Morozov or the voice of the great Chaliapin. 

The Gusyatnikoff manor house is a multi-faceted project which includes an elite Russian restaurant, a billiard hall, a karaoke room, a premium-class hotel, beautiful banquet halls for 50 to 150 people and luxe VIP banquet halls

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