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Moscow, Alexander
Solzhenitsyn Street, 2А

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Fireplace room

The best restaurants in Moscow offer guests quality service, an elegant menu and a pleasant atmosphere. In the Gusyatnikoff manor house the atmosphere of a historic house prevails—and without a fireplace the image would not be complete. It is hard to imagine an 18th century Moscow manor house without this symbol of family warmth. The Fireplace Room of the manor house got its name from the refurbished 18th century fireplace located within it. The room is located on the second floor of the main partition. Several large windows and cream-colored interiors make the room very bright, and create a pleasant place in which to spend time. The velvety chocolate-colored Andrew Martin armchairs give a cozy feeling to the historic parquet. The room is ideally suited to 25-30 guests, as appropriate for a family lunch as for a business meeting. Everything that is served at the Russian restaurants in Moscow—tea from a large samovar, sturgeon pies, pickles from the manor house cellar and traditional game dishes—are served here, and are especially tasty!

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