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Moscow, Alexander
Solzhenitsyn Street, 2А

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Mirrors hall

The Mirrored Banquet Hall is located in a side wing of the estate. The hall’s interior combines in itself traditional Moscow merchant life and modern European culture. An imperial crystal chandelier and multiple LED lights are reflected in the mirrored columns and walls of the room, there is a fully equipped stage, a bar, and furniture from the collection of the legendary Andrew Martin brand. All of these details combine to create an atmosphere of understated luxury, ideally suited for important occasions The format and interior of the hall allow it to hold events of various kinds: conferences, concerts, weddings, banquets and presentations. The hall is equipped with high-quality sound and lighting equipment, a projector and plasma TV. Seating capacity is up to 150 people with banquet seating, or up to 250 for cocktails.

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