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Moscow, Alexander
Solzhenitsyn Street, 2А

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Karaoke VIP Hall

Gusyatnikoff’s VIP karaoke hall is a perfect idea for those who love singing. The elegant karaoke hall, situated in a wing of the estate, has flawlessly comfortable, stylish interiors, a great choice of snacks and drinks, and an unrivaled range of the best “instrumentals” to back up popular pop songs and classic tunes. The hall is equipped with TV screens, stylish leather sofas and massive tables from collection of the legendary Andrew Martin brand.

Fans of singing can satisfy here their most cherished desires. Our karaoke has a music library of 5,000 songs, many of which are real rarities. And, if ordered in advance, your presence onstage can be accompanied by professional backup singers that give the song you choose a special brightness and expressiveness.

Done in the format of a karaoke bar, this hall offers all dishes from the restaurant menu, as well as top-quality drinks from the bar, conveniently located in the same room. Taking into account the tastes of our guests, Gusyatnikoff offers our hall for groups ranging from 4 to 25 people, who prefer to have fun and sing in private. For banquets, the karaoke hall is done up in accordance with the theme of the event. Booking the karaoke hall and back vocals should be done with two hours’ notice.

By choosing a karaoke club in the center of Gusyatnikoff, you give preference to an elite institution of high culture, service, and an impressive selection of music.

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