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Moscow, Alexander
Solzhenitsyn Street, 2А

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When we think of merchant times, we often think of the play by Alexander Ostrovsky: specific ideas about honor and "the honorable word of the merchant"—and, of course, the Roma gypsies! “He came to us, he came to us, our favorite love!” It is impossible to imagine merchant pastimes without this tune from a gypsy choir. The nobility loved listening to Roma songs. Gusyatnikoff as a true traditional Russian restaurant with “gypsies,” offers its guests a “gypsy assembly” from Thursday through Saturday at 9 p.m. 

Passionate romances and hot-blooded dances ensemble performers create an atmosphere of celebration and fun, and make for a memorable trip to the restaurant.

Tuesday and Wednesday from 7 p.m., and on Sunday from 4 p.m. we present the young balladier Boris Blyumin. His unusual smooth vocals give a particularly romantic atmosphere to the refined interiors of the 19th century mansion. In Boris’ repertoire are the best romantic and dance hits from the 19th through 21st centuries, in Russian and in English.

On Wednesday and Thursday the Large Great Hall is home to the wonderful sound of piano performances from Andrei Morev, a graduate of the Moscow Conservatory class of 1987. In the maestro’s performance there are equally good sound and jazz improvisations, Schubert waltzes, Soviet retro, and Russian romances.

On Fridays and Saturdays we invite our guests to jazz and dance evenings. The estate’s performing artists include the Cappuccino-Jazz duet on saxophone and vocals, which plays both jazz compositions and popular modern songs, as well as retro hits.

Gusyatnikoff’s musical menu is just as colorful as its culinary one—you’d be hard pressed to find another restaurant in Moscow with live music that can beat our show program. All our artists will make your special evening at the estate shine brighter. For our guests, with the booking of a banquet there is a special price on show artists.

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