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Wedding reception organization

Every wedding reception at the Gusyatnikoff restaurant is done in accordance with a pre-designed script, which includes the following major components:

  • Guest seating, with space for a few extras
  • Hall selection for the reception and cocktails
  • A banquet seating plan
  • Selecting table settings and the design of the hall
  • Approving of the general and individual menu
  • A custom wedding cake
  • Development of show programs, taking into account the guest’s individual wishes
  • Coordination of the timing of the event;
  • Reservation of additional services: Karaoke Hall, Hookah Room, Billiard Hall, hotel

The best halls in our estate for weddings are the Large Great Hall, suitable for up to 70 people, the wing of the Large Mirrored Hall for up to 150 people, the Small Great Hall and Fireplace Room villa for up to 25 people. Weddings are held in those halls nearly every day, and for that reason they have to be booked early. Or, if you would like to book the whole restaurant for your wedding, we need at least a month’s notice. 

For a wedding held in the Large Great Hall, for cocktails we recommend the mezzanine level, running along the perimeter of the hall. For cocktails in the Large Mirrored Hall the left-hand side wing with a bar is ideal.  

A beautiful wedding restaurant requires that the hall be specially decorated. Our florists and designers have developed a spin on wedding decor to get just the right atmosphere. The decorator here acts as a conductor, creating a single integrated ensemble of taste and visual sensations. An important role is assigned to colors—without them the required atmosphere is not achieved. In addition to floral arrangement, we offer artistic carving: architectural masterpieces of vegetables, fruits and berries, carved wedding swans done in the Russian style, delicate white lilies and orchids, lilies of the valley or antique vases at human height.

The restaurant you are going to spend your wedding in should have a special banquet menu. The secret of a good wedding feast is a high-quality and harmonious combination of several components: a tasty, delicious, varied and incomparable menu, beautiful tableware and table decoration. For the wedding banquet, our restaurant offers traditional Russian cuisine, popular at weddings for centuries: the karavai loaf, the Russian kurnik wedding cake, decorative swans of fruits and berries, a baked whole sturgeon, stuffed pike, suckling pigs and Russian pickles. When ordering a wedding banquet at a restaurant, you need to take into account the tastes of your guests and that a wedding usually lasts longer than other events. Therefore, you will need a lot of soft drinks: water, fruit drinks and juices.

For the organization of the show program we offer the following services: the creation an event script, a selection of experienced presenters, music and dance groups, a show of an original genre, a fire show in the courtyard of the estate, children's entertainers, scenic designs, professional lighting, and sound and musical equipment. Sound and lighting equipment is included for free as part of the banquet.

Only a professional and creative photographer can help you hold onto your wedding memories forever. With a lack of conservatism and templates, and instead a fresh look at photography, we would like to offer you the services of some of Moscow’s top photographers:

  • Photography in the form of reportage
  • Costume footage, styling, the services of a designer-retoucher
  • Videography, subsequent film editing and postproduction.
  • Creating albums of a creative slideshow
  • Slideshow: options with music and animation
  • Creating a video of the event in the style of TV broadcast
  • Creating a video of the event in the style of soap opera

If the organization of the wedding reception has become worrisome, the staff of the restaurant is happy to provide you with a wealth of experience, talent and sincere hospitality.

Each of our weddings is done according to an individual scenario, which takes into account all the details, from food to music. In conjunction with the courteous and helpful staff is the guarantee that your wedding will be a grand and unforgettable event. Gusyatnikoff is located in a historic 18th-19th century mansion. To have a wedding in such a place is to touch on the real traditions of Moscow, to plunge into the atmosphere of refined luxury and lay the foundations for a worthy beginning—your own Moscow story.

Special Offer: As a part of the wedding reception, we would like to offer you a wedding karavai and a newlyweds’ room at our hotel, including a romantic breakfast. It’s our gift to you!

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