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Moscow, Alexander
Solzhenitsyn Street, 2А

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Elite Russian restaurant Gusyatnikoff

Welcome to the elite Russian restaurant Gusyatnikoff! The Gusyatnikoff restaurant complex created in 2009 comprises several buildings of a historic manor home from the end of the 18th century.

The home had earlier belonged to the merchant family of Gusyatnikovs, well known in Moscow even à lépoque. Merchant Sergei Zakharev, Gusyatnikov the son, was in 1689 named a feudal judge, or in other words, was the custodian of the Sobolinaya treasury property, where furs, precious stones and gold were kept. His son and grandson, some of the biggest Moscow merchants of the 18th century, gained the farm titles to sell wine in Moscow and organized a “tasting group,” which left around Moscow the haze of road outposts to prevent the smuggling of vodka into the city. Later, the customs barrier was known as the Collegiate Chamber of the bank.

The Gusyatnikovs owned a hat, linen and a cloth factory, a brewery, and had about 40 shops in different parts of Moscow. At the beginning of the 19th century the place that now houses Moscow’s central Manege, and where many of the family’s shops were located, was known as Gusyatnikov Square.

The name of the famous merchant family serves as the name for a Russian restaurant on Taganka. The family’s avian name (“gusi” is Russian for goose) defined the concept of the restaurant cuisine: that of a Russian merchant kitchen, for in a merchant kitchen baked and stuffed duck and goose sat prominently on the table. At Gusyatnikoff there is an atmosphere of the merchant life and dishes that everyone dreams about. There is an assortment of northern fish, rabbit paté on pumpkin marmalade in a flurry of pistachios, salted whitefish enveloped in potato slices, sturgeon with caviar sauce, nourishing bone broth, stuffed pike, delicate veal cutlets with buckwheat, pike cutlets with potato pancakes, breaded hand-pressed goose patties. If you would like “one for the road” we suggest a glass of homemade liquor and delicious Baltic herring on toast. For dessert lovers, there is an unsurpassed sweets tray: Russian berry pies, hand pies with various stuffings, or vatrushki cheese pastries from our own bakery, as well as homemade cherry cake, homemade jam, and a traditional samovar with gingerbread and rolls.

The three-story manor house is completely occupied by the restaurant. In the tradition of city manor houses, there is a large great hall as well as smaller dining halls. Distressed mirrors, restored interiors, designer light fixtures and furniture all combine to give one the feeling of being inside a Chekhov or Gilyarovsky fable. The Great Hall stairs have a portrait gallery of famous merchants to showcase Russia’s glory, each step moving through different eras in time. The atmosphere of old Moscow is recreated so precisely that, looking at the glittering reflections in the mirrors, it is impossible to differentiate that from the feeling given now by the same owner, merchant Gusyatnikov, and the sound of laughter from Savva Morozov or the voice of the great opera singer Chaliapin. 

The Gusyatnikoff manor house is a multi-faceted project which includes an elite Russian restaurant, a billiard hall, a karaoke room, a mirrored banquet hall and a premium-class hotel.

Today Gusyatnikoff is well-known in Moscow not only for being an excellent-quality Russian restaurant, but also as a wonderful location to spend a wedding or birthday.

Unique interiors of historic importance, an elegant menu, a merchant’s scope and a Russian soul combine to create just the place for a guest at Gusyatnikoff.

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